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Spring Is Nearly Upon Us

If you haven't visited our shop during the spring and summer months, then you are seriously missing out! Our shop becomes the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Oundle market town, and has lots to offer to all. Why not pop in for a slice of cake as the evenings get warmer and the days become longer, and of course there is no reason why you can't try one of our famous real ice cream Milkshakes. Go on treat yourself.

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We're Feeling Green

With all the publicity about the scourge of coffee takeaway cups, all Beans’ customers can take heart that their favourite coffee shop was ahead of the game with our move to completely compostable cups earlier last year. And this includes our lids! Whilst we don’t claim to be leading edge, we try our best for the environment and always have done so. The Beans Team.

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We're Turning 14 Years Old!!

On Friday 16th February Beans will be 14 years old - can you believe it's been that long?! So we want to thank those who've made the past 14 years possible - our customers and our staff - by celebrating our birthday in style. Friday 16th February is a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT day, so there's no fixed prices for our great coffee, teas, famous milkshakes or our home-made cakes and tasty snacks and light meals - our customers can simply pay us what they want! We're hoping for a great day's celebration, and are confident that everyone will benefit, because all proceeds over and above what we would normally have charged will be split 50/50, half to our staff and the other half to cancer research. Beans, proud to be the happiest teenybopper in the area!

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My fave coffee shop!

I go to Beans every morning for my morning latte, and most often in with the ladies later on for lunch. It's always such a friendly environment with very welcoming staff. I would recommend Beans to EVERYONE!